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I discovered Skilled Survival blog after the writer, Jack sent me an email. Because people like Jack are creating great posts for new and experienced preppers, I haven’t felt it necessary to contribute much to NC Preppers. I recommend that you check out Skilled Survival for some good information about prepping and survival.

We live on a hill with a deep well that precludes using a hand pump if the electric pump is not powered. This system that Engineer775 demonstrates includes some of the things we have installed and/or discussed including a storage tank and solar power for the pump. I am sure it is costly, but would be very valuable in a grid-down situation. I like his reasoning for keeping the storage tank relatively small (1,000 gal) to insure good turnover for fresh water. I also like the UV filter.

My friend, Donna Miller, of Miller Grain House, is having a whole grain baking retreat for women on May 1-2. The price is discounted right now, but expires today, March 31. Beginning April 1 the cost will be full price. I have attended 3 of Donna’s retreats and learned how to bake wonderful bread an other baked goods using whole grain. This is also a great way to meet other women with similar interests. I met some great preppers at the first retreat I attended. Here is a clip from an email Donna sent.

Hi! I just want to update you in case you were not already aware.

TODAY – 3/31/15 – is the last day of the DISCOUNTED Retreat Registration!

We’ve added more options to attend that you may want to check out and share:
• Friday or Saturday One Day Registration
• Local Resident 2 Day Registration
• Share a Room with a Friend You Know
• Share a Room and make a Random Friend
See the map to the Lodge area
You may be surprised just how close really you are!

Quite honestly, the get-away itself to the Lodge is something I look forward to each time it rolls around. So Peaceful, so Comfortable… a place of rest and relaxation.

I hope you’ll join me and several other new friends who’ve already registered while we enJOY great company, relax and play with our food!
Best Blessings and I hope to see you in May,
Donna Miller
Gentlemen, You can send the Ladies in your Life…
Ladies, gather some friends and come as a group…

Click HERE to register or get more information.
…or come on your own and make some GREAT friends!…/ladies-whole-grain-baki…/

This April 6th-12th there is an online gathering of 30+ experts in backyard food production, homesteading, and off-grid living. Presented by the worlds leading researchers, organizations, and best-selling authors to help you become free of supermarkets and grow your own healthy foods more easily and productively no matter where you live!

This is the biggest event for home grown food ever organized online. Sponsored by Mother Earth News, The Natural News, & The National Gardening Association just to name a few.

It’s FREE. Reserve your spot by clicking here:

Get started growing, take your skills to the next level, or if you’er a newbie, be inspired!

This Summit has something for everyone.

This is an article written by a prepper friend who is a medical doctor in North Carolina. It is a good solution to the problem of storing bulk food in such large quantities that it is impractical to open them for daily use.

We found that when we first stored food in the large buckets about 35 years ago, that we never opened them for the reasons my friend describes. Now we make it a point to use our stored, bulk food to rotate it, it is cheaper, it is healthier than more processed food, and we like it. What we found works well for us is to pack most of it in smaller Mylar bags that hold 8 to 10 lbs of grain, rice, and beans. This is a good size for us to get through in a reasonable amount of time. Some things like lentils, I put in bags I cut in half. I have a Mylar sealer that makes it pretty easy. Here is a link to a post I did with pictures.

Novel use for nylon hose

photo 3I hate the fact that when I open a food bucket Mylar bag I am kind of stuck with an open container of 40 pounds of rice then I have to open another bucket with 30 pounds of beans. That represents a lot of food to open at once. Also if I was bugging out I might be able to grab a bucket but would be forced to grab either the bucket of rice or the beans. It has been hard for me to easily make a mixed bucket until I came up with this idea. I have used a nylon hose to hold my beans which I twist tie shut, place in mylar bag, then pour rice around the sack of beans and then throw in the oxygen absorbers and seal. The pore size of the stretched nylon should easily allow the oxygen to be removed with the absorber yet keep the rice and beans separate. Thus a mixed bucket is easily made. If most of my buckets are mixed then as I use them I may be able to get by with only one open bucket at a time thus reducing the risk of spoilage. I mark the outside of the bucket with the number of pounds of beans and how many pounds of rice. I have attached pictures where I made a crude cardboard tube over which I stretched hose ( a large wrapping paper tube works best for this). I then poured the beans into the tube and pushed the beans down into the hose which I then twist tied. I dropped my nylon filled bean bag into the Mylar bag and finished filling the Mylar bag with rice then added oxygen absorber then sealed. You can easily see the beans through the nylon hose so oxygen removal should be easy. I hope this may be a helpful idea.

photo 1photo 2




There are a few seats left for this free class on Saturday, August 30, 2014, from 1:00 to 5:00. The deadline for registering is Wednesday, August 27, 2014 .

If you are serious about attending, send me an email, sarahboonegd (remove space in front of @) to register so I can send you the address. There is no charge for this class.

A couple of years ago my husband and I attended a class with several other preppers in Albemarle, NC taught by a surgeon and chiropractor with whom we have become friends. They did a great job and are offering the class again on August 30, 2014. They are both knowledgeable preppers who want to help folks like us learn some basic emergency medical skills in the event traditional medical care is unavailable. The class will include a suturing practice session using tissue simulants and tools provided by the doctor under his supervision.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Found on NCEM website:

Are you ReadyNC? Here’s an App to Help.

North Carolina now has a mobile application that will help our residents and visitors prepare daily for everything from minor traffic emergencies to severe storms.

This all-in-one tool can provide the latest weather, traffic and hazard information and tells you what you need to know to be safe in all types of emergencies. The app is free and available (look for ReadyNC) in the AppStore for iphones and Google Play for Android devices.

Using this app does NOT replace calling 911. It is not intended to report emergencies to local officials, but it can be used to find life-saving information.

Some of the features include:

  • real-time traffic and weather information
  • critical information on how to be safe during different hazardous events
  • real-time information about opened shelters for evacuees (including addresses, capacity, directions and if the shelter is pet-friendly)
  • real-time updates on flood levels of major nearby creeks and rivers
  • phone numbers and links to all North Carolina power companies to report outages
  • basic instructions on how to develop emergency plans and what to put in your emergency supplies kit
  • real-time information on which counties have issued evacuation orders
  • contact numbers and links to websites for those who need help recovering from a disaster
  • direct links to the and websites and social media accounts

We never know when the next storm will threaten, but we do know that those who are prepared before will fare better. Use this app to get your family ready.

Be safe,

Mike Sprayberry