48 Hour Mini-Survival Kit (Part 2)

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Equipment, Prepping lifestyle, Survival Kits
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Note from Vina8:  This is the second in a series of posts about survival kits written by Repsfo.

Author:  Repsfo.

Here is the first actual kit to go along with the “on-person” items listed in my first post.

This Mini-Kit is intended to keep a person alive for 24-48 hours.  The assumption is that you have at least most of the “on-your-person” items on your person and have some type of a water bottle or canteen (single wall metal) with a Qt/Ltr or so of water in it.

Mini-Kit (pouch) Weight in Oz(0= < 1 Oz)
Contents 10
Space Blankets (2) 4
Cord 4 Ft 0
Zip-Lock Freezer Bags (2) 0
Matches (book) 0
Wire (8Ft) 1
Floss Cord (5 Yds) 0
Band Aids (4) 0
Sugar  (2 Pkts) 1
Smoke Bomb (small) 1
Metal Match 0
Magnifying Glass (small) 1
Orange Marker Tape (10Ft) 0
Signal Mirror 1
LED Solar Light 1
Total Weight # 0.65

(Click on the picture to see a larger view.)

This kit weighs around  1/2 pounds and fits in a pouch not much bigger than a cigarette pack.

No reason not to have this on you when day-hiking, biking, jogging, or walking the Greenway.

Inventory of Kit Contents
  1. Space Blankets can be used one for shelter/cover, one for you to wrap up in.
  2. 4 ft of para-cord allows you to lash two tri-pods together for supporting a ridge pole for a shelter.
  3. Zip lock Freezer bags (heavy duty) would allow you to collect rain water run-off from the space blanket if necessary.
  4. Book matches are a first try, worthless if they get wet.  You can keep them inside the Zip-lock bags.
  5. 8Ft of wire for constructing shelter or hanging metal water bottle over fire from a tri-pod.  Could be used for snares, but hopefully you won’t be there that long to need them.
  6. 5 yds of dental floss, super strong weighs nothing.  Lashing, repairing.
  7. 4 band-aids supply a minimum of FA supplies, clean a cut/burn/ blister and cover it.
  8. 2 Sugar packets, add one to Qt/Ltr of water minimal calories.
  9. Smoke bomb emits white smoke for about 5 seconds useful for signaling during the day.
  10. Metal Match– good for about 10 lightings before the fuel dries up. Will light when wet.
  11. Magnifying Glass helps find and remove splinters as well as lighting fire during the day.
  12. Orange marking tape (plastic) about 10 ft.  For signaling or for marking your way back if you explore.
  13. Signal mirror flashes can be seen for more than 10 miles during the day.
  14. The 3 LED Solar rechargeable light is redundant, but better two then none! Save one for signaling at night.
  1. dandesoap says:

    One thing that I would add stick of chalk – use to mark trees and have orange tape for makeshift fishing w/dental floss or bandage, etc.

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