Emergency Medical Supplies

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Medical/First Aid, Survival Kits
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I have medical supplies stored including at least 6 months of our prescription drugs, antibiotics, several large bottles of antiseptic, a pair of crutches and knee immobilizer (long story), pain killers (same story), various over-the-counter medications, extra bandages, Epson Salts, etc. I also grow some medicinal herbs.

I keep a large, First Responder bag packed and ready for use in the same closet as our BOBs.  I have smaller first aid kits in my BOB and Truck Emergency Kit.

Here is my inventory list of my large, First Responder bag.  I purchased this bag as a kit, but then added many additional items.  I added the suture supplies after attending an emergency medical class taught by some awesome guys–a general surgeon, a chiropractor, and a dentist.  It included instruction and practice in suturing.

I include some items that exceed my first aid skills–my Red Cross class didn’t get into using scalpels.  I read some advice that struck home.  If the SHTF, you may find a medical professional with the ability to provide assistance, but not have the tools or supplies.  For example, my closest neighbor is a nurse.  Therefore, I stock medical supplies.

Also check out these posts from my list of reference documents.  They have some excellent information.

Antibiotic Use in TEOTWAWKI

Emergency Medical Kit

Primary First Responder Emergency Medical Kit
15 Alcohol Wipes Antiseptic
15 Antiseptic Wipes Antiseptic
1 Bar Soap Antiseptic
15 Clean Wipes, Freshette Towelettes Antiseptic
2 First Aid Cream Antiseptic
1 Hand Sanitizer 4 oz Antiseptic
15 Iodine Wipes Antiseptic
4 Povidine Iodine Swabsticks Antiseptic
1 Sterile Flushing Solution, Water Antiseptic
2 Triple Antibiotic Antiseptic
2 Abdominal Pad 5″X9″, ABD Bandages
1 Ankle Brace Bandages
1 Arm Sling Bandages
5 Bandaid, 2″ x 4″ Bandages
100 Bandaids, Mixed Bandages
5 Butterfly Strip Bandages
1 Cohesive Wrap, Blue Bandages
1 Elastic Bandage, 6″ Bandages
1 Field Dressing 11 sq in Bandages
1 Gauze and Bandage, MED Stopper Bandages
2 Gauze-4″X4 yds Bandages
1 Knee Brace Bandages
5 Knuckle Bandage Bandages
1 Moleskin Bandages
3 Skin Closure Bandages-strips/bandages Bandages
1 Skin Shield, Liquid Bandage Bandages
4 Sponges, 4″X4″ Sterile Bandages
7 Steri Strip-Various sizes Bandages
3 Tape, 1 “ Bandages
1 Triangular Bandage-40″x40″x56″ Bandages
2 Celox Blood Stopper
1 Celox Trauma Gauze, bleeding and burns Blood Stopper
2 QR Blood Stopper Blood Stopper
2 Burn Aid Package (Creams) Burns
6 Burn Gel (Individual Pkts) Burns
1 Burn Sheet Burns
150 Antibiotics Drugs
50 Antihistamine-Allergy Medication Drugs
12 Aspirin Drugs
30 Cough Drops, Halls Drugs
20 Diclofenac Sodium Drugs
270 Immodium Drugs
2 Bottles KI03 Potassium Iodate (for radioactivity) Drugs
200 Pain Reliever Drugs
8 Pepto Bismol Tabs Drugs
24 Tylenol, generic Drugs
1 Airway Equipment
1 Bulb, Ear/Nose Equipment
1 pr CPR Face Shield Equipment
1 Crutches Equipment
1 EMT Shears Equipment
7 pr Gloves, Examination Equipment
2 Irrigation Syringe, Catheter Tip Equipment
1 Knee Immobilizer, brace Equipment
1 Needle Holders, straight Equipment
1 Pen Light & 6  AAA Batteries Equipment
6 Razor Blades, One Edge Equipment
2 Sam Splint, 36″ & Small, GUIDE Equipment
2 Scalpel Blades Equipment
1 Scalpel Handle Equipment
1 Skin Stapler and Staple Remover Equipment
6 Splints-Air, Arms and Legs Equipment
3 Splints-Finger Various Equipment
1 SS Hemostats Equipment
1 Stethoscope Equipment
7 Surgery Tools(needle holder, forceps, etc. Equipment
1 Suture Kit from class Equipment
12 Suture Needles Equipment
11 Sutures (Packs) Equipment
1 Sutures, Spidr Filament Equipment
1 Thermometer, Oral Equipment
2 Tweezers Equipment
1 Vivarin Caffein Tablets Equipment
1 Earache Relief, Similasan Eye/Ear
2 Eye Pad Eye/Ear
1 Eye Wash, Irrigating Purified Water Eye/Ear
12 Tears, Naturale Lubricant Eye Drops Eye/Ear
2 Ammonia Inhalants Miscellaneous
1 Charcoal, Activated Miscellaneous
4 Cotton Applicators Miscellaneous
100 Cotton Swabs Miscellaneous
1 Dental Kit & Lost Filling/Crown Repair Miscellaneous
1 Kleenex Package Miscellaneous
2 Paper/Pens Miscellaneous
2 Prescription Lists Miscellaneous
3 Red Cross First Aid Manuals Miscellaneous
26 Safety Pins Miscellaneous
1 Anti-Itch Cream, Extra Strength Ointment/lotion
1 Blistex Ointment/lotion
1 Calamine Lotion 6 oz Ointment/lotion
1 Orajel-Severe Pain, 20% Benzocaine Ointment/lotion
1 Petroleum Jelly-Vaseline tube Ointment/lotion
2 Heat Pack Packs
1 Ice Pack Packs
1 Saline Wound Wash (aerosol can) Sanitize

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