Roll-away Nesting Box-chicken coop side.

Nesting Boxes

I built 4 nesting boxes using the basic plans for roll-out nest boxes someone posted on the Backyard Chickens Forum. I put them low to the floor so my heavy-breed chickens won’t have trouble getting into them.

Roll-away Nesting Box-egg gathering side.

The boxes are built into the wall between the coop and storage room. They have a sloped floor and divider that allows the eggs to roll to the back of the box which is in the storage room. The divider prevents the eggs from being soiled or eaten by the chickens. They can be collected without having to enter the coop. Unlike the plans I referenced, I built my boxes on one level. I also added nailers wherever I needed to make a joint of plywood. The boxes are sturdy.

Nest pads, padding, divider

I put nest pads in the bottom that I bought from Cutler Supply. They allow the eggs to roll easily and are easy to clean. You just shake them out to remove the chicken poop.

Tip: The nest pads are made to go in one direction. Make sure the rows of plastic blades are pointing toward where you want the eggs to roll. I have read that chickens prefer their nest boxes to be dark, so I painted them dark brown.

Tip: I bought self-adhesive pipe insulation to put at the back of the box where the rolling eggs will hit.  It works very well and stays put.

Egg in roll-away nest


Update:  The roll-away nesting boxes are working as planned.



Chicken Coop before paint


We built our roost using the basic design we found in the walk-in coop plans in the book, Building Chicken Coops for Dummies. We adjusted the size to fit our space. It went together very quickly. Most of the wood we used was scrap from the coop construction.



Chicken Door

Solar panel for chicken door

Shelf for Chicken Door battery

Chicken Door

I bought a chicken door from I wanted the freedom having an automatic door would give me. It has a sensor which opens the door at sunrise and closes it at dark. A trickle battery is included. Since I don’t have electricity in the coop, I opted for the small solar panel that charges it. The chickens go into the coop at night in plenty of time before the door closes. But just in case, after closing, the door opens again for a short time to allow any stragglers to get in. I LOVE this door and would not have a coop without one. The chickens get out early in the morning, and I get to sleep in.

Chickens and Coop Series

Part 1–Chicks Arrive

Part 2–Starting the Coop

Part 3–Exterior Construction

Part 4–Interior

Part 5–Nesting Boxes, Roost, Auto-Door

Part 6–Run, Feed and Watering Systems

  1. […] Part 5–Nesting Boxes, Roost, Auto-Door […]

  2. […] Part 5–Nesting Boxes, Roost, Auto-Door […]

  3. […] Part 5–Nesting Boxes, Roost, Auto-Door […]

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