NC Preppers Network Camp-Out Pictures

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Barter/Trade, Classes, Meet-Ups
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On June 8-10, a group of about 50 preppers from all over North Carolina came together for the 3rd annual NC Preppers camp-out near Wilkesboro.

We had a great time seeing some old friends and making some new friends.  I am always impressed with the level of knowledge and skill represented among this group.  We had presentations and demonstrations on basic prepping, EMP protection for electronics, self-defense without a weapon, using a solar oven, moving debris to rescue victims, plumbing repairs, buying and storing batteries, diagnosing the severity of a medical problem, killing and butchering rabbits, fishing, radio communications, etc.  We also had some bartering and selling, drawings for several door prizes, Friday and Saturday night pot lucks featuring rabbit stew and donated steaks.

We sat around the fire late into the night talking and sharing.  The group included several children who learned to make a useable bow from PVC pipe, paracord bracelets, fire-starting, fishing, and marshmallow roasting.

There were people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.  I think everyone learned something new.

The pictures have been edited to blue people’s faces.  You know how preppers are…

(Click on picture to enlarge.)

  1. whisper says:

    It was a great time with a lot of knowledge shared and learned. The one thing left out was the class that I gave and thought was unique. I believe it’s important that people need to know how to repair their shelters whether they are bugging in or out. That’s why I gave a class on basic plumbing and electric, including the suggestion on having extra roof shingles and hardening a room. The idea is that you might not have the luxury to call someone in to fix these problems. I suggested some books to have on hand as well as doing a tour of your home or BOL to see what extra material or tools one might need. You can pick up a lot of these at garage sales or craigslist. Most of the repairs on homes or BOL’s are not hard to do at all and it’s great to learn these skills. It’s not as hard as people might think.

    Over all, this was a great post and I hope it’s plants the seed to come out of the shadows and learn with other Preppers. Nobody knows everything and there are always new skills to learn. Don’t forget, networking is a great thing, like this Blog which passes on a wealth of knowledge. V8 is an invaluable asset of knowledge and is a shark in bloody waters when there is something new to learn. She circles the knowledge and goes in for the kill to get as much of it as she can. I must add that she doesn’t just write it down, she practices it and does it until she has it. Her gardens and chicken coop is a prime example of what Preppers should be doing. I’m proud to call her my friend!

    I hope more people come to events like this. There were a lot of great people there. When you go to an event like this for the first time, you leave a different person. We hear this from most of the people that attend, including the people like V8 and myself that began this event three years ago.

    Knowledge, Skills and Networks of Preppers may be the thing to get you through a disaster or other troubling times.

    • Vina8 says:

      LOL! Whisper, you may have referred to me as a “shark” before, but not in such glowing terms. :)

      Good summary of your presentation. Thanks for sharing that.

      I agree with all you said. I believe that knowledge is something best shared, not hoarded.

  2. globalsimplicity says:

    We cant believe we miss it!!!!! …rats!!!!

    • globalsimplicity says:

      we hope that nothing hits the fan before next campout!!!!

      • Vina8 says:

        There is a tri-state camp-out in September that you should check out. It is in South Carolina near the Georgia and North Carolina borders. Here’s a link to the information.

      • globalsimplicity says:

        Thanks!…I read your hubby passed the HAM radio test…I been trying to study for mine…how long did he study before he took the test?…any pointers?

      • Vina8 says:

        He started studying this week for the tech and general. He has a good understanding of electronics and computers which helped. At the camp-out someone shared with him some good online resources that he found particularly good. Tomorrow he will give me the links to post for you.

  3. Mike Kerkado says:

    thanks I wait for this info…!!!!

  4. Kevin Kelley says:

    Just newly found your site. My wife and I are looking forward to getting together with you all to learn and be a better prepared prepper!

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