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About a year-and-a-half ago after finishing bug out bags (BOB’s) for me and my husband, I saw on the internet a relatively inexpensive BOB that was a backpack filled with typical emergency items.  It was being sold by a well-known online emergency supplier.  I thought of my daughter and her husband who live in New York City.  She hadn’t shown a great deal of enthusiasm for our prepping, and has little storage space, so I was surprised when she agreed having a BOB is a good idea.  I agreed to send it to them.

However, once I started looking at the items in the prepackaged kit, I was not impressed with the quality of many of the items.  For example, the ponchos, tube tent, emergency blankets, and first aid kit were mostly one-time use, disposable quality.  Using the list of items included in the backpack, I priced all the items separately, mostly on Amazon, and found I could put the kit together myself cheaper and use better quality products.  I was almost right.  Once I started their emergency kit, I ended us spending a lot more money, but the result was a much better BOB.

The situation

Their situation determined what I put in their kit.  They are two healthy, young adults with no children yet.  They live in New York City on an island with no car.  Even if they had one, the presumption is that in a SHTF scenario, they probably could not get across the bridges or tunnels in a vehicle.  My SIL is a former boyscout with decent woodcraft skills.  They are both experienced hikers/campers.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she and her husband had already discussed emergency plans with another couple who are their best friends.

In the event of a limited emergency, the four of them would walk north out of the city to the home of her friend’s aunt and uncle about 40 miles away from the city.  For a more serious or long-term problem, the four of them would attempt to get to our location in North Carolina.  That defined what should go in their BOB.

I also included redundant water treatment methods in case they need it while bugging in.

On the road–getting out of the city

We included several durable maps including road maps for all the states between New York and North Carolina.  We also added maps for a couple of states where we have relatives in rural areas where my daughter and SIL could get assistance, if needed.  My husband worked out some routes for them in an attempt to avoid the most populous areas.

We included maps of railroads for the the states they may have to travel through.  Being on foot, they could follow railroad tracks to avoid dangerous roads. We included a cell phone charger that doesn’t require electricity as well as a radio, and quarters for pay phones.  From my daughter’s experience in NYC during 9/11 and the power outage, we learned about the difficulty with communication.

They already have one good backpack.  I sent them an alice pack and frame that I bought for $25.

Of course, if at all possible, we would attempt to reach them with a vehicle, but made plans for the worst case scenario.

We like it–make another one.

My daughter’s best friends had a baby a few months ago.  I asked her what I should send them as a gift. After she talked to them, she told me that what they would really like is an emergency kit.  The new father was impressed with what I sent my daughter.  She recommended I send them a BOB, too.  Her reasoning was I should do it for her because she would share whatever she has with them, anyway.

That has to be the strangest baby gift I ever gave to someone, but very satisfying.  I was very proud of them that they saw the value of having the BOB.  It wasn’t identical to what I sent my daughter because I assumed they would be together, and duplicates of some things wouldn’t be needed.  I loved the picture they sent me of new daddy sitting on the floor with all the stuff I sent encircling him like a kid at Christmas.

The List
2 Bandanas (Multi-use) Clothing
2 Gloves, Leather Work Clothing
2 Ponchos Clothing
2 Underwear Sets, Heavy Insulated Clothing
1 Book-Boy Scout Fieldbook Communication
1 Book-Boy Scout Handbook Communication
1 Maps, Various-Road, Railroad, Elevation Communication
1 Radio/Flashlight-solar,  crank, battery, AC Communication
2 Bic Lighter Fire
1 Ethanol, 190 proof (Fuel, Antiseptic, Drink) Fire
5 Fire Starters ( 2 kinds) Fire
1 Magnesium Bar Fire
2 Matches, Waterproof (50) Fire
1 Matches, Wood Strike Anywhere  (32) Fire
1 Metal Match Fire
1 Steel Wool, Cotton Balls (Fire Starter) Fire
1 Stove Fuel Adapter, Es bit & 1 cube fuel Fire
1 Stove, Backpacking, Es bit or Alcohol Fuel Fire
4 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bars Food
1 Cinnamon Hearts Candy, pkg Food
4 Freeze Dried Entrees for 1 Food
7 Freeze Dried Entrees for 2 Food
4 Freeze Dried Granola w Milk/Blueberries Food
4 Freeze Dried Scrambled Eggs/Ham/Peppers Food
1 Life Caps (60 caps) Vitamins Food
4 MRE’s–Ready to Eat Meals Food
1 Body Wash, No Rinse 4 oz Hygiene/Personal
1 Hand Sanitizer, 3 oz Hygiene/Personal
2 Kleenex Packs Hygiene/Personal
1 Shampoo, No Rinse 4 oz Hygiene/Personal
2 Toothbrushes Hygiene/Personal
1 Toothpaste Hygiene/Personal
12 Wipes, Germ X Hygiene/Personal
6 Wipes, Wet Ones Hygiene/Personal
1 Candle Holder, Uco Light
1 Candle, 120 hour Light
2 Candles, Uco Light
2 LED Headlamps Light
6 LED Headlamp Batteries Light
7 Light Sticks Light
6 Face Mask-N95 Medical/First Aid
1 First Aid Kit Medical/First Aid
4 Ki03 Potassium Iodate (Radiation Antidote) Medical/First Aid
$20 Quarters (plus additional silver coins) Money
1 Tarp, Ground Shelter/Protection
1 Tent, Backpacking 2 person Shelter/Protection
1 Tent, Tube 2 person Shelter/Protection
1 Can Opener, GI Tools/Utensils
1 Compass/Whistle/Thermometer/Magnifier Tools/Utensils
1 Stove Accessory, Cozy-Food Insulator Tools/Utensils
1 Cell Phone Charger Adapter Tools/Utensils
2 Cups, Collapsible Tools/Utensils
2 Cups, Hard Plastic Tools/Utensils
2 Eating Utensils, Metal (fork, spoon) Tools/Utensils
2 Eating Utensils, Plastic (fork, knife, spoon) Tools/Utensils
1 Fasteners Pkt, Various (Velcro, Ties, Duct Tape) Tools/Utensils
1 Fishing and Snare Kit Tools/Utensils
3 Garbage Bags, Large (shelter, warmth, Water) Tools/Utensils
GPS-Dad’s old one Tools/Utensils
2 Knife, Sheath, Fire Starter (Christmas Present) Tools/Utensils
1 Knife, Swiss Army Tools/Utensils
1 Leather Scrap (Hold Fire Tender, Protect Hand) Tools/Utensils
7 Paracord Fasteners Tools/Utensils
50+ ft Paracord, orange and green Tools/Utensils
4 Zip Lock Bags, Large and small (water,storage) Tools/Utensils
2 Blanket, Survival Heatsheets (for 1 or 2) Warmth
2 Blankets, All Weather Warmth
4 Hand Warmers Warmth
2 Sleeping Bag, Emergency Bivvy Heatsheet Warmth
4 SteriPen-Batteries-AA Water
24 Electrolyte Tabs Water
1 SteriPen-Water UV Sterilizer Water
1 Sublimated Iodine-Water Treatment Water
2 Water Bags, 2.5 Liter, Backpacking Water
2 Water Bottles, Nalgene 1 Liter Water
1 Water Filter System, PUR (9 treatments) Water
1 Water Prefilters, Pkt Water
80 Water Treatment Tablets, Micropur (1 liter ea) Water
18 Water-Drinking Pkts 4 oz ea Water
2 Zip Lock Bags, 5 Gal (for use with PUR) Water
To Be Provided By Daughter and SIL
Washcloths  and/or small towel
Hiking Boots
Weather-appropriate clothing
Fire Fuel Items (Es bit, Alcohol)
Mosquito Repellant
Lip Balm
Red Flyer Red Wagon or Shopping Cart  :)