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Red Star


My 10 hens have pretty consistently been laying 9 to 10 eggs a day.  My most reliable layers are the two Red Stars who lay distinctive, very large, roundish dark brown eggs.  They lay early in the morning, always using one particular nesting box.  Yesterday the hens only laid 5 eggs, none of them were from the Red Stars.  This morning there were again no eggs from the Red Stars.

Of course, I was worried that either some of my chickens are sick, or they decided to lay someplace outside the coop.  Yesterday afternoon I did an extensive search all over our large fenced-in back yard where they range.  I found nothing.



Dog under deck




I even got on my hands and knees with a flashlight to look under the back deck where they sometime hang out with the dogs in the heat of the day.


Eggs in herb nest




Later this morning my husband called me out to the garden beds.  He found the secret nest!  Buried underneath the overgrown mint in the herb bed were 8 eggs including the missing Red Star eggs.  I was relieved that my chickens had continued laying and aren’t sick.

Now, I need to try some things to get them to lay in the coop!