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There are many good preppers who are living in locations that are not ideal–urban areas, apartments, near high risk facilities, etc.  You may be one of these families who need a bug-out location (BOL), but can’t afford the thousands of dollars to buy the land and build the infrastructure of your own place.

There are other preppers who already have an established BOL, but recognize that the odds of survival improve by banding together with other prepared individuals to help provide security and additional manpower. Have you thought about what you need to do to be considered a valuable addition to such a group?

SouthernPrepper1 is one of the Practical Prepper “experts” quoted on the National Geographic Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers.”  He just released this video describing what he thinks are the minimal requirements for someone who would need to relocate to an established retreat in a SHTF situation.  He includes advice to buy and pre-position a camper, have at least a year’s worth of food and supplies, guns and ammo (and know how to use them), some solar panels, propane gas tanks, water filters/treatment, etc.

One thing he mentioned that I think is important is to have a skill or equipment that would be valuable to the group.  What do you bring to the table?  It could be medical training, blacksmithing/welding, knowledge of wild plants/herbs, distilling alcohol, mechanical skills, night vision, body armor, animal husbandry, growing and preserving food, sewing/needlecraft, etc.  If you can’t identify something you can do, NOW is the time to start learning and acquiring the experience and equipment to contribute to the group.

One thing SouthernPrepper1 didn’t mention that is important.  Who will be coming with you?  For example, do you have friends or extended family–parents, adult siblings and their families, in-laws, adult children–that you would not leave to fend for themselves when you bug out?  Are they preppers?  Do you have a year’s worth of food for each one?  A camper for them?  Are they trained?

You and your immediate family may be a worthy addition to a retreat, but if you plan on bringing an additional five or six people who are not prepared mentally or physically, your acceptance into a group may be difficult.  The additional people would be a drain on the group’s resources and may not add value to the survival of the group. Be honest and truthful with a retreat owner about your situation.

Saturday, October 29, 2011, Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville, NC is having a Customer Appreciation Day.  They will have a Mountain House tasting, free refreshments, undisclosed authors signing books, and two of my favorite You Tube preppers, Engineer775 and Southernprepper1.  Engineer775 will have his wood gas-burning truck there for demonstration.  Below is a post about it.