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Tractor Supply Purchases

I go to Tractor Supply in my small town fairly frequently–partly because they are often out of what I go there to buy, and I have to return.  Bummer.

However, I always enjoy browsing the tables of stuff near the front door where things are marked for $5 and $10.  They could put up a sign, “Prepping Supplies.”  I usually fight the temptation to buy things because we are pretty well supplied.  Today I couldn’t help myself.  Even my husband liked what I bought.   That is why the package flashlights are already open–he had confiscated four of them before I could go get my camera!  In fact, he plans on going back and buying some duplicates.


You can’t have too many bandanas.  These weren’t on the sale table, but I bought them anyway because I liked the flag and camo patterns.  They were $2.99 each.  I know, I can get them cheaper at the dollar store.  I also like the list of uses they include on the label.  Here are some of the 50 uses they list.

  • head covering
  • scarf
  • belt
  • headband for hair
  • baby bib
  • make a girl’s skirt (or halter top)
  • first aid bandage
  • tourniquet
  • face mask
  • sweatband (I use bandanas daily for this!)
  • trail marker
  • measuring tool
  • napkin
  • hand rag
  • wash cloth
  • luggage tag
  • small towel
  • handkerchief (my Dad still uses bandanas for this.)
  • emergency diaper
  • car window shade
  • gift wrap


All Purpose Scale

Many times when we need to weigh something large or odd-shaped that won’t fit on our bathroom scale, one of us weighs ourself then lifts and holds the item to be weighed.  For $5 I bought this “All Purpose Scale.”  It has an 80 lb capacity, perfect for weighing a suitcase before going to the airport for those who have to fly.  I have been able to avoid it for over 3 years. :-) It is small and portable, and would be good in a bartering/selling situation if TSHTF for things like grain and produce.

8-pack of Flashlights

Small LED Flashlights–Package of 8

For $10 I bought a package of  8 flashlights including the batteries.  We already have a good supply of flashlights, but I bought these specifically to store for bartering. Each is a 9-LED light. My husband took 4 of them to scatter around in places where he might need a light and promised to buy some more for my stock of bartering items.  We removed the batteries for storage.



Hanging LED light

Hanging 24-LED light

I bought this $5, small hanging LED light to use in the chicken coop.  It has lights on one end that makes it useful as a flashlight as well as lights on the side to make it good for more general lighting.  I like the hanger to make it easy for hands-free use.






Key ring multi-tool

Keyring Multi-Tool

Okay, I will admit it.  I am a sucker for multi-tool gadgets.  One of my favorite Christmas gifts several years ago was my Swiss Army knife.  I have multi-tools of just about every kind and size in bug-out bags, my purse, and my truck.

I thought this package of two, small, keyring tools for $5 was worthy.  It is a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, 1/4″ hex driver, bottle opener, mini prybar, and punch. I will admit that including mini prybar and punch in it’s description is stretching it. My husband left me with one of them for my keyring, and said he would buy another package so we could put one in each of our vehicles.